Average US dollar exchange rate in Ukrainian banks exceeds 41 hryvnias
Photo: depositphotos.com

On Friday, the average purchase rate of a cash dollar in Ukrainian banks, compared to Thursday, increased by 12 kopecks. and is 40.51 hryvnias. The selling rate increased by 13 kopecks. — up to 41.08 hryvnias.

The minimum dollar purchase rate in banks is 39.90 hryvnias, the maximum is 40.75 hryvnias. For sale, the minimum rate is UAH 40.92 hryvnias, the maximum rate is UAH 41.50 hryvnias.

The average buying rate of the euro increased by 1 kopeck. and is 43.60 hryvnias. The sales rate increased by 2 kopecks. — up to 44.44 hryvnias.

The minimum purchase rate for the euro is 42.85 hryvnias, the maximum is 44.05 hryvnias. For sale, the minimum rate is 44.15 hryvnias, and the maximum rate is 44.75 hryvnias.